Monday, February 20, 2012

I loved you danish snow! Why did you have to leave so soon??

 If I were blogging on a regular basis, you would have known that it snowed here. And for this Texan, it snowed a lot.
The apple tree in our backyard after the first snow...
Several more inches fell in the following days so this snow ended up quite deep, I'd guess 8 or 9 inches??  Just a guess
The greatest part about the snow was that I was able to walk Scout in the woods again.  The trails had been wet and muddy from the rain and cool but with the below-freezing temps and snow, they were usable again! So we headed out to see our favorite sites in the winter.

'Sleepy Hollow' trail in the winter

Scout's favorite ground covering: Snow...

Did I mention Scout loved it?  This picture makes me think of a book my friend bought me about a boy and his beagle.

The frozen lake from one side

and the other

I'm sure you get the gist

Scene of my first ever fall on ice.  Yes, I slipped and actually feel while walking down this hill.  The funniest part was the noise Scout made...I guess me falling scared him and he made the noise scooby doo always makes when he's curious or scared...I have no idea how I'd type that noise but maybe you get what I am saying.
Just to see the difference from fall to winter


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