Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beagle in the Garden

It is not easy to write a post every day! Mainly because on most days, nothing interesting happens to me!  Yesterday, Scout and I walked to Wylie Wagg, a pet store near the apartment.  It's no petsmart...scout is a spoiled dog.  He gets 'designer' dog treats that are wheat-free.  I know he can definitely taste the 
difference :) It must be nice to work in the 'furr child' industry because it seems that no price on any product is too high for fido..or scout in my case :)  I have actually edited the Dave Ramsey budget so that I have a "scout" line.  Ridiculous!  I never thought I would be one of those 'pet-obsessed' people but it seems that that is just what i have become....  Along with Scout's overpriced dog treats, I also bought him a new patriotic bandana for the 4th of July. He looks so cute in it..though I think for the next holiday, I will try to make one myself.

Also, while snapping pictures of Scout outside, I checked in on our 'garden' which has been shrinking by the week.  Ed dumped the last tomato plant yesterday..So no fresh tomatoes this summer.  However, I just discovered that we have a baby bell pepper growing now! So exciting!  Also, the one jalapeño we have is still going strong.
Where bell peppers come from..

an adolescent jalapeño

Here's one last picture of scout for the road...I am using Ed's camera, hoping that someday I will really know how to use it and not just hope for the best.  Hope ya have a good day!

doing what beagles do best. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

no more good morning sunshine

In Florida, Ed and I had room darkening curtains, mainly for Ed since he worked odd hours, but also because our neighbors were so close that their bedroom lamp would shine into our room.  An added benefit was that scout and I could sleep in as late as we wanted ;)   juuust kidding. 
We now have floor to ceiling windows in our bedroom with the ugliest vertical blinds of all time--well, all vertical blinds are ugly so I guess they are just vertical blinds.  They  block little light and we are not going to live here long enough to hang any curtains.  Scout now wakes up at the crack of dawn...and whistles, whimpers, and whines. (He also does the occasional screech but it didn't start with a 'w' so it couldn't go in that list :) 
Scout will now sleep like a bird under his brand new kennel cover!

Scout's cardboard box

Here is when the 'door' is closed.  The fabric is a chenille corduroy (strange combo? yes) that was in the sale section at Jo-Anns.  I was not going to spend much money on a dog at a fabric store, although I am regretting it now that I see that it has made his crate look like a cardboard box.

Yes, you can be impressed by my lack of sewing skills 
So, to jazz it up a bit, I sewed some decorative red zig-zag stitches around the edges and added a button to hold the flap up during the day.  I know scout appreciates the small details...

Scout, enjoying his newly darkened 'apartment'
Friday is here again.  Hooray!  Just one week till 2 of my very best friends are coming to visit me here in DC for the 4th of July!! I am so excited!  

Nattles, Ames and myself a few years ago

Hope you have yourself a great weekend :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


I don't know when this even started but Ed and I are constantly shortening words, to letters in sentences. "Do you want c this morning?" (coffee)  "i bought gs cooks!" (girl scout cookies) "have you taken s on a w?" (scout, walk... This may actually be where it all began, come to think of it. scout speaks english)

Anywho...I got an h-cut yesterday.  I took scout on his w and the second I stepped out into the warm humid air, I knew it had to be done. Immediately.  I went to the 'hair-cuttery'..the cheapest place I could find that accepted walk-ins. I got my old stand-in layered-bob... It is so boring!   I am going to search out the greatest hair style I can find..that is hopefully less boring but not over the top and I am going to get my hair re-cut in August.   

Most awkward picture to take of one's self.

 As for today, I went grocery shopping and then spent the rest of the day in the kitchen. barefoot, but not chained to the stove, or pregnant for that matter. I took these...

Have you ever tasted a tomatillo? I am not sure what they remind me of but they are good!

 And made this...

Green Gazpacho--notice dog in sun.
Then, I roasted these...

To make this.

have you ever used phyllo dough?? crazy!
And I finished up by making this.

my all-time fave, rhubarb crisp
 Tomorrow I am having a friend over for coffee and will maybe sew a dog kennel cover, so scout can't see the sun in the morning.  You may call me Suzy Homemaker ;) 

Oh and Ed has re-started his blog after a nearly 3 year hiatus..visit him here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Belated Father's Day

Thanks for being a great dad, dad!  Remember this?
Dad and Panzer head-butted one another the night before my wedding.
He only had a slight shiner when he walked me down the aisle.

Love you dad!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change of Plans

Over the weekend, Ed and I decided that instead of continuing in class till the end of June, I woul go 2 more times this week to say "bye" to our teachers and then be finished with my 'formal' danish lessons.  Ed will now be able to have 100% of our teacher's attention and learn words that I have no desire to know :)   It's funny to see what vocab words interest each of us.  We learned food words our 3rd week in and Ed still doesn't know what 'cucumber' is in danish.  I however don't know how to say or spell 'air force' in danish but Ed knows all sorts of other military-important words.  

So today was my first day of freedom from school :)  I was able to go shopping while most people were at work, take the dog on all of his walks, catch up on some much overdue cleaning and chores and make a planned out dinner like the 'old days'..they were just 4 months ago but how old they seem now....  Also, Ed created my gym routine for mondays, weds and fridays and took me to the gym to show me how to do these so-called moves.  I didn't know what an military press was before this afternoon but I most certainly do now. And my shoulders will surely remember the military press in the morning! Lets just say that I have really let my muscles go to..non-existent and now I am paying for it.  I cannot believe I am admitting this but I was using 2.5 lb weights!!  Pathetic!  I even took a weight lifting class in college..I was showed up by the 5 month pregnant chick in the gym!  wow. 
Tomorrow one of Ed's friends is coming to DC to do a triathlon this weekend.  He shipped his bike to our apartment and it arrived today.  It's not everyday one has a chance to say to a house guest, "here's your towel, a bar of soap, and your bike"... at least not in my world!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

freedom is not free

It has cooled off a bit here so Ed and I took our bikes to school today.  We live near Arlington National Cemetery and bike past it every day to go to class. Today was the first day that we have passed by a funeral in progress.  It was a sobering reminder that every day, brave soldiers from all branches of the military put their lives on the line to defend the freedom we yet enjoy in America.  
To be honest, I try not to think about the fact that soldiers die almost every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It is too easy to let my mind wander to 'what-if's'...not just for my own husband, but for many of my friend's husbands. And not just for them, but for all the military moms, sisters, wives, dads and brothers out there. 
However, I am truly grateful to all of our service members(and families), past and present.  Because every day should be veterans & memorial day: Thank You.

Air Force Memorial
Marine Corp Memorial

Monday, June 13, 2011

Crying over spilled milk

Actually, no milk was spilled but I have cried over cleaning toilets. Once.  In high school..many years ago. But since that day, and to this day, I despise cleaning toilets.  I try to keep our house clean and I mop and make the bed, do the laundry yada yada yada...but sometimes the bathrooms just get...missed.  Not today though! I have cleaned them from top to almost the bottom (i still have to wash the rugs)  I made dinner, walked scout and am doing homework.  It was quite the productive day.  Here is a picture of my messiness first hand. I only documented it because I walked into my bedroom, and saw an AT&T ad. It could say "Look you have 4 bars so there is no excuse not to call the housecleaning company"

Last bit of news for the weekend:  I am leaving danish class soon.  Ed's the only one who has to take and pass the test so he will be able to have 2 full months of one-on-one lessons.  My last day will be July 1.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Royal Danish Ballet

View from Kennedy Center, overlooking Rosslyn and Georgetown
Last night, Ed and I went to our first ballet, not just first together, but ever.  Earlier in the day though, you would have never guessed that..On the metro, Ed and I were arguing over which country's ballet company was the oldest ballet company in the world--like we would know that!  According to a book about the RDB, they are the 3rd oldest, beginning in 1771.  So, I have been searching the internet for the answer and oddly enough(can you believe it?), it has not been easy to find a list of ballets companies, sorted oldest to newest.  But, from what I can see, we are both partially correct.  To self: Do not attempt to debate a subject you know nothing about.  Noted.

I now know why following a story in ballet can be a little confusing.  There are no words! (not that I ever thought there were words, I had just never thought about ballet in general)  Only facial expressions and body gestures are communicating the story!  We were not too far from the stage but I actually wished I had binoculars so I could get a good look at their faces!  Aside from that, I thought it was beautiful.  It is incredible to see how flexible and strong their feet and legs are and how simple movement is so graceful, and expressive.  Ed now, he was a slightly different story...

I think he liked being out at a 'cultural' event but may have been a bit bored.  I heard words like "tadpole kicks, long, three acts? and strange rangers" come out of his mouth several times. But, all in all, we had a great time.

Today we went to the large air and space museum outside of DC with our friend Sara and Peter and Peter's dad.  It was amazing to see so many beautiful planes in one space.  We also watched the IMAX film about red flag and searched for Ed's face in the mass brief, unsuccessfully.  Ed and I did see some friends from eglin, which was funny.  Also, scout seems to have made a full comeback from his illness of whatever he caught on his trip to the dog kennel.  He has been playing with more aggressiveness than I have seen in weeks.  His toys(or my hands) better watch out!
My favorite section of airplanes: old.

Tomorrow, we may be helping a friend rip out some old cat-pee-filled carpets from a house they just purchased.  Sounds like a smelly adventure!  Have yourself a good weekend ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

90%. That's not good enough.

The words no one wants to hear after leaving home for the day:  "Did you turn off the coffee pot."  Even if one is fairly certain that one did in fact turn off the coffee pot, one may be a bit hesitant to declare with confidence, "YES, I turned off the coffee pot!" ( did you like all the "one-s" rather than "you-s", the danes and brits do it..maybe I will try it as well)

And so, this is how my morning was:
Ed and I are half way to the metro.

Ed: did you turn off the coffee pot?
Me: yeah, I think so.
Ed: what do you mean, you think so.
Me: I mean, like I am 90% certain I did it.
Ed: well, did or didn't you?
Me: I am pretty sure I did!
Ed: Sure or unsure?
Me: Well, I think I did (at this point, I vaguely remember turning it off..but maybe I am remembering yesterday..oh no!)
Ed: okay, lets go back. 
Me: We may be late though.
Ed: It's okay, I wouldn't want to burn down the apartment building and Scout.

We go home, coffee pot is off (as I was 90% sure of) and we head back out to the metro.

Ed: I just always like to check those things.  Make sure the computer, coffee maker, curling iron are off because I wouldn't want to destroy other people's stuff as well as my own.  (i am not exactly sure of what was actually said in this sentence...the only thing I heard was curling iron)
Me: umm, i think i need to go home again.
Ed: why?
Me: maybe I left the straightener on! (I remember seeing it near another cord and thinking I should turn it off...but now I cannot actually remember doing it)
Ed: did you leave it on?
Me: I don't think so but you have planted a seed of doubt in my mind when you mentioned curling iron.  I have to go back!  Go on without me, I will just be late.
Ed: no, I will just wait here.

I return home to find that not only have I turned off the straightener but I have also unplugged it! No way that baby's burning down the house. 

So, we made it to class just a few minutes late and maybe just a little bit sweatier(made up word?) than normal.  I suppose this could be because hot temperatures are here!  Tomorrow it is supposed reach 99 degrees! There is no good way to get to class when it is hot.  In the metro, it's warm, humid, and my face is always in some sweaty guy's pit (i am not referring to ed btw:), but if we ride our bikes, we have to ride up the biggest hills coming home at 2 pm, the hottest time of day.  what to do, what to do...
At least tomorrow is Thursday!  We have big plans this weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

If you pronounce 'champion' with a shhh sound at the beginning, rather than the hard chh sound, you have just said champion in danish.  Congrats!   There's not much going on today...we took the metro to school, instead of biking, we learned some new things in danish, i washed ed's clothes, ed made dinner with leftovers and now we are taking scout for a walk together before I type out our verbs of the week.  I will share a picture today, to make up for the fact that I don't have anything terribly interesting to write about. Our favorite breakfast:

The Green Smoothie:  2 cups of water, 2 bananas, 2 tablespoons flax seed, 4 frozen mango halves, 1/2 cup frozen pineapple and 2 large hand-fulls of fresh spinach.  Plus about 6 ice cubes. We make this most mornings when we have time but use whatever frozen fruit is available.  Today, it just so happens to be...quite green.  Have you seen the new 'food plate' that replaced the food pyramid?   This smoothie helps fit in some of the veggies if you are not a big fan.  You cannot even taste the spinach.   Enjoy!

Monday, June 6, 2011


About a month ago, Ed and I were talking after class.  I (nearly word for word) said to Ed, "It is not like you meet people who speak danish walking down the street like you could meet someone who speaks spanish." That very night (no lie) , I took scout out for a walk and what did I hear being spoken? danish.  I asked the girl, in English, "uh, what language are you speaking" her response "oh, it's danish"  

Ed, practicing his danish at an awesome rooftop bbq
So apparently you can meet people speaking danish on the street!  Meet our new friends peter and sara

We have found it. THE best deal in Washington

The house is on a hill, overlooking the potomac.  not a bad view...
This is what we were told last weekend when we bought our 'season passes' to mt. vernon.  They are good for 1 year.  This may seem ridiculous considering we will only live here at most, another 3 months but, it is a good deal! $15 for 1 visit or $25 for a season pass. Our 3rd visit will be free! (technically, the end of our 2nd visit was free but whose counting)

part of vegetable garden

There is so many things to see and do here that I am glad that we didn't pack it all into 1 day since it is getting rather warm here (I truly thought I was escaping the heat and humidity when we left florida but I was sadly mistaken).  There is the mansion tour,  garden tour (there are about 3 gardens in total- and they are BIG gardens), a pioneer farm,  museum, nature trail and of course, George and Martha's crypt.

pioneer farm

  At the crypt, Ed tried to ask the employee who was assumably standing there to answer questions, if the tomb had ever been vandalized or broken-in to or if there had ever been guards to watch over the tomb.  He proceeded to stare at Ed like he was trying to "get the scoop" on what the security was like at Mt. Vernon before telling Ed that he could wave hello to the security who were watching, at all times, via camera.  Seriously!  Is that such a crazy question to ask?? There was a civil war that was fought all around Mt. vernon after washington's death.  Isn't that what crazy people do? Break into famous people's crypts and steal from or vandalize them?  I think the guard probably should have been more worried about the women who came up after us and yelled into the crypt "Hi, martha, Hi george, How are ya'll doing in there?"  Crazy, I think yes.
We still haven't seen Washington's famous teeth...next time though.  Maybe next weekend...Ed? 
Are you in? 

Relaxing by the water
Ed and I on the Nature trail

Sunday, June 5, 2011

my longest bike ride ever

which direction is mt. vernon?
 For the past month or so, we have been taking our bikes to school, weather permitting.  At first, it was terrible!  Dodging people on the sidewalks, riding between cars on the street, lack of bike riding muscles, big hills coming home from school during the hottest part of the day... Slowly, but surely though, it has been getting better.  Sooo, today, we set out on our greatest bike riding quest yet.
watching the jets land @ reagan
full bike rack at mt. vernon

 Between Arlington and Mt. Vernon, there is an 18 mile bike trail along the Potomac, called the Mt. Vernon trail. It goes past the foot of the Reagan National Airport runway, through Old Town Alexandria and ends at George Washington's home, Mt Vernon.  We left home at 8 am, so as to beat some of the 'traffic' and heat. It took about 2 hours to get down there and was around 19 miles total.  We had a snack with friendly squirrel who, oddly enough, had many of the same mannerisms as scout the beagle.  After spending about 2 hours seeing more of the sights at Mt. Vernon (more on this tomorrow), we hit the trail to finish our last 19 miles.  

Old Town Alexandria
mt vernon trail

The military community that Ed works in is a small, small world because when we were coming back through alexandria, Ed picked out an former colleague from eglin who was on the opposite side of the road, going the opposite direction. He did not even realize this guy was living in DC! So we chatted with him for a bit before continuing on our merry way.   Since getting home, I have been exhausted.  Too much sun, too little water.  I don't feel sore, but we will see about that tomorrow!  I guess I have proven myself to be an okay long distance biker because Ed is now planning our tour of Denmark, on bike. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

4 hours daily in a glorified cubicle? Sure!

When I graduated from college in '07, I didn't think I would return to school for many years, if at all. But no, I was wrong.  I am back in school to learn Danish with Ed.   He actually needs it for work, I just need it to order a beer...just kidding...  So far øl-beer- is the most difficult word for me to say.  Odd, since it's only 2 letters.

Perpetual cup of coffee.  Necessary for learning another language.

Meet our classroom, decked out with Dannebrog (this is actually the flag's name, like you would name a person or pet.  It is the oldest flag in the world and the legend is that it fell from heaven bloody rag maybe? in a battle and the king grabbed it before it touched the ground, held it up, and the Danes won) and the map of Denmark.  Today, our teacher taught us the word vanskelig, difficult. Ed commented, "wow, I can't believe we have not learned that word yet."  Her response, "yes, we usually teach it on the last day of class so that we don't have to spend 6 months hearing you tell us how difficult the language is"  Too late now! I will be using it daily.  Well, off to help Ed with dinner.  g'nite.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Diary

I have done it.  I started a blog...obviously.  Ed and I moved to Washington 4 months ago to the day and when we were driving from Destin to DC, we passed through TN to see Ed's family. One of his aunts, knowing that we were going to be doing a lot of traveling in the next few years, recommended that I start a journal.  A journal? Me, write a journal?
 Sounds like a good idea but let me fill you in on my journal history.  I have received a fresh, new journal just about every christmas for the past 10 years. I always have a hopeful feeling that 'this is the year'.  I will write in this thing for more than 3 days, but inevitably, i have failed, year after year.  I have done exercise trackers, food logs, prayer journals and regular old every day diaries but I have never been able to last longer than a week or two!  All that to say, I hope I can keep this up.  Maybe the possibility of interaction with my maybe 3 readers will keep me going.  who knows.  I don't think that I am a "interesting writer", have poor grammar at times (which has been highlighted in danish class at times), and I am obsessed with ellipsis'..or ellipsises. However you properly type that.  So, just a warning.  There will be a lot of them. With all that said, welcome to my read diary.