Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Diary

I have done it.  I started a blog...obviously.  Ed and I moved to Washington 4 months ago to the day and when we were driving from Destin to DC, we passed through TN to see Ed's family. One of his aunts, knowing that we were going to be doing a lot of traveling in the next few years, recommended that I start a journal.  A journal? Me, write a journal?
 Sounds like a good idea but let me fill you in on my journal history.  I have received a fresh, new journal just about every christmas for the past 10 years. I always have a hopeful feeling that 'this is the year'.  I will write in this thing for more than 3 days, but inevitably, i have failed, year after year.  I have done exercise trackers, food logs, prayer journals and regular old every day diaries but I have never been able to last longer than a week or two!  All that to say, I hope I can keep this up.  Maybe the possibility of interaction with my maybe 3 readers will keep me going.  who knows.  I don't think that I am a "interesting writer", have poor grammar at times (which has been highlighted in danish class at times), and I am obsessed with ellipsis'..or ellipsises. However you properly type that.  So, just a warning.  There will be a lot of them. With all that said, welcome to my read diary.  


  1. I love elipsises as well! And brackets! And run-on sentences. Not in real life, but in my blog, I forgive it!

    Can't wait to read your travels/life/fun!

  2. I have never been able to keep a journal, either. Happily, readers make for great accountability!

  3. Heidi, Mom is staying the night, and I just showed her the blog. It's so fun to get a glimpse of your life in Washington. Mom says both of you look great, and she is inspired by your energy and enthusiasm for learning.