Saturday, June 25, 2011

no more good morning sunshine

In Florida, Ed and I had room darkening curtains, mainly for Ed since he worked odd hours, but also because our neighbors were so close that their bedroom lamp would shine into our room.  An added benefit was that scout and I could sleep in as late as we wanted ;)   juuust kidding. 
We now have floor to ceiling windows in our bedroom with the ugliest vertical blinds of all time--well, all vertical blinds are ugly so I guess they are just vertical blinds.  They  block little light and we are not going to live here long enough to hang any curtains.  Scout now wakes up at the crack of dawn...and whistles, whimpers, and whines. (He also does the occasional screech but it didn't start with a 'w' so it couldn't go in that list :) 
Scout will now sleep like a bird under his brand new kennel cover!

Scout's cardboard box

Here is when the 'door' is closed.  The fabric is a chenille corduroy (strange combo? yes) that was in the sale section at Jo-Anns.  I was not going to spend much money on a dog at a fabric store, although I am regretting it now that I see that it has made his crate look like a cardboard box.

Yes, you can be impressed by my lack of sewing skills 
So, to jazz it up a bit, I sewed some decorative red zig-zag stitches around the edges and added a button to hold the flap up during the day.  I know scout appreciates the small details...

Scout, enjoying his newly darkened 'apartment'
Friday is here again.  Hooray!  Just one week till 2 of my very best friends are coming to visit me here in DC for the 4th of July!! I am so excited!  

Nattles, Ames and myself a few years ago

Hope you have yourself a great weekend :)

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  1. Hahaha that is so cute!! Scouter looks content!