Sunday, June 12, 2011

Royal Danish Ballet

View from Kennedy Center, overlooking Rosslyn and Georgetown
Last night, Ed and I went to our first ballet, not just first together, but ever.  Earlier in the day though, you would have never guessed that..On the metro, Ed and I were arguing over which country's ballet company was the oldest ballet company in the world--like we would know that!  According to a book about the RDB, they are the 3rd oldest, beginning in 1771.  So, I have been searching the internet for the answer and oddly enough(can you believe it?), it has not been easy to find a list of ballets companies, sorted oldest to newest.  But, from what I can see, we are both partially correct.  To self: Do not attempt to debate a subject you know nothing about.  Noted.

I now know why following a story in ballet can be a little confusing.  There are no words! (not that I ever thought there were words, I had just never thought about ballet in general)  Only facial expressions and body gestures are communicating the story!  We were not too far from the stage but I actually wished I had binoculars so I could get a good look at their faces!  Aside from that, I thought it was beautiful.  It is incredible to see how flexible and strong their feet and legs are and how simple movement is so graceful, and expressive.  Ed now, he was a slightly different story...

I think he liked being out at a 'cultural' event but may have been a bit bored.  I heard words like "tadpole kicks, long, three acts? and strange rangers" come out of his mouth several times. But, all in all, we had a great time.

Today we went to the large air and space museum outside of DC with our friend Sara and Peter and Peter's dad.  It was amazing to see so many beautiful planes in one space.  We also watched the IMAX film about red flag and searched for Ed's face in the mass brief, unsuccessfully.  Ed and I did see some friends from eglin, which was funny.  Also, scout seems to have made a full comeback from his illness of whatever he caught on his trip to the dog kennel.  He has been playing with more aggressiveness than I have seen in weeks.  His toys(or my hands) better watch out!
My favorite section of airplanes: old.

Tomorrow, we may be helping a friend rip out some old cat-pee-filled carpets from a house they just purchased.  Sounds like a smelly adventure!  Have yourself a good weekend ;)

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  1. I love the commentary about Ed's ballet experience!! Strange ranger... I nearly fell out of my chair. I can't believe you would come close to cat pee carpet, much less help tear it out!! good luck!! xoxo