Monday, June 6, 2011

We have found it. THE best deal in Washington

The house is on a hill, overlooking the potomac.  not a bad view...
This is what we were told last weekend when we bought our 'season passes' to mt. vernon.  They are good for 1 year.  This may seem ridiculous considering we will only live here at most, another 3 months but, it is a good deal! $15 for 1 visit or $25 for a season pass. Our 3rd visit will be free! (technically, the end of our 2nd visit was free but whose counting)

part of vegetable garden

There is so many things to see and do here that I am glad that we didn't pack it all into 1 day since it is getting rather warm here (I truly thought I was escaping the heat and humidity when we left florida but I was sadly mistaken).  There is the mansion tour,  garden tour (there are about 3 gardens in total- and they are BIG gardens), a pioneer farm,  museum, nature trail and of course, George and Martha's crypt.

pioneer farm

  At the crypt, Ed tried to ask the employee who was assumably standing there to answer questions, if the tomb had ever been vandalized or broken-in to or if there had ever been guards to watch over the tomb.  He proceeded to stare at Ed like he was trying to "get the scoop" on what the security was like at Mt. Vernon before telling Ed that he could wave hello to the security who were watching, at all times, via camera.  Seriously!  Is that such a crazy question to ask?? There was a civil war that was fought all around Mt. vernon after washington's death.  Isn't that what crazy people do? Break into famous people's crypts and steal from or vandalize them?  I think the guard probably should have been more worried about the women who came up after us and yelled into the crypt "Hi, martha, Hi george, How are ya'll doing in there?"  Crazy, I think yes.
We still haven't seen Washington's famous time though.  Maybe next weekend...Ed? 
Are you in? 

Relaxing by the water
Ed and I on the Nature trail

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