Monday, June 13, 2011

Crying over spilled milk

Actually, no milk was spilled but I have cried over cleaning toilets. Once.  In high school..many years ago. But since that day, and to this day, I despise cleaning toilets.  I try to keep our house clean and I mop and make the bed, do the laundry yada yada yada...but sometimes the bathrooms just get...missed.  Not today though! I have cleaned them from top to almost the bottom (i still have to wash the rugs)  I made dinner, walked scout and am doing homework.  It was quite the productive day.  Here is a picture of my messiness first hand. I only documented it because I walked into my bedroom, and saw an AT&T ad. It could say "Look you have 4 bars so there is no excuse not to call the housecleaning company"

Last bit of news for the weekend:  I am leaving danish class soon.  Ed's the only one who has to take and pass the test so he will be able to have 2 full months of one-on-one lessons.  My last day will be July 1.

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