Friday, June 3, 2011

4 hours daily in a glorified cubicle? Sure!

When I graduated from college in '07, I didn't think I would return to school for many years, if at all. But no, I was wrong.  I am back in school to learn Danish with Ed.   He actually needs it for work, I just need it to order a beer...just kidding...  So far øl-beer- is the most difficult word for me to say.  Odd, since it's only 2 letters.

Perpetual cup of coffee.  Necessary for learning another language.

Meet our classroom, decked out with Dannebrog (this is actually the flag's name, like you would name a person or pet.  It is the oldest flag in the world and the legend is that it fell from heaven bloody rag maybe? in a battle and the king grabbed it before it touched the ground, held it up, and the Danes won) and the map of Denmark.  Today, our teacher taught us the word vanskelig, difficult. Ed commented, "wow, I can't believe we have not learned that word yet."  Her response, "yes, we usually teach it on the last day of class so that we don't have to spend 6 months hearing you tell us how difficult the language is"  Too late now! I will be using it daily.  Well, off to help Ed with dinner.  g'nite.

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