Friday, June 24, 2011


I don't know when this even started but Ed and I are constantly shortening words, to letters in sentences. "Do you want c this morning?" (coffee)  "i bought gs cooks!" (girl scout cookies) "have you taken s on a w?" (scout, walk... This may actually be where it all began, come to think of it. scout speaks english)

Anywho...I got an h-cut yesterday.  I took scout on his w and the second I stepped out into the warm humid air, I knew it had to be done. Immediately.  I went to the 'hair-cuttery'..the cheapest place I could find that accepted walk-ins. I got my old stand-in layered-bob... It is so boring!   I am going to search out the greatest hair style I can find..that is hopefully less boring but not over the top and I am going to get my hair re-cut in August.   

Most awkward picture to take of one's self.

 As for today, I went grocery shopping and then spent the rest of the day in the kitchen. barefoot, but not chained to the stove, or pregnant for that matter. I took these...

Have you ever tasted a tomatillo? I am not sure what they remind me of but they are good!

 And made this...

Green Gazpacho--notice dog in sun.
Then, I roasted these...

To make this.

have you ever used phyllo dough?? crazy!
And I finished up by making this.

my all-time fave, rhubarb crisp
 Tomorrow I am having a friend over for coffee and will maybe sew a dog kennel cover, so scout can't see the sun in the morning.  You may call me Suzy Homemaker ;) 

Oh and Ed has re-started his blog after a nearly 3 year hiatus..visit him here


  1. Hahaha! Heather and I got a good laugh from "s on a w." By the way, we want to know if you are using Ed's camera or you own? Also are all these meals vegan?

  2. YUMMY!!! I miss you guys, but these blogs are fun! Thanks!

  3. Cute hair!!! Food looks amazing!!!!

  4. I used my own camera and yep they are all vegan though they may not be the healthiest b/c they have the 'vegan' margarine. I miss you too Heidi!