Thursday, June 9, 2011

90%. That's not good enough.

The words no one wants to hear after leaving home for the day:  "Did you turn off the coffee pot."  Even if one is fairly certain that one did in fact turn off the coffee pot, one may be a bit hesitant to declare with confidence, "YES, I turned off the coffee pot!" ( did you like all the "one-s" rather than "you-s", the danes and brits do it..maybe I will try it as well)

And so, this is how my morning was:
Ed and I are half way to the metro.

Ed: did you turn off the coffee pot?
Me: yeah, I think so.
Ed: what do you mean, you think so.
Me: I mean, like I am 90% certain I did it.
Ed: well, did or didn't you?
Me: I am pretty sure I did!
Ed: Sure or unsure?
Me: Well, I think I did (at this point, I vaguely remember turning it off..but maybe I am remembering yesterday..oh no!)
Ed: okay, lets go back. 
Me: We may be late though.
Ed: It's okay, I wouldn't want to burn down the apartment building and Scout.

We go home, coffee pot is off (as I was 90% sure of) and we head back out to the metro.

Ed: I just always like to check those things.  Make sure the computer, coffee maker, curling iron are off because I wouldn't want to destroy other people's stuff as well as my own.  (i am not exactly sure of what was actually said in this sentence...the only thing I heard was curling iron)
Me: umm, i think i need to go home again.
Ed: why?
Me: maybe I left the straightener on! (I remember seeing it near another cord and thinking I should turn it off...but now I cannot actually remember doing it)
Ed: did you leave it on?
Me: I don't think so but you have planted a seed of doubt in my mind when you mentioned curling iron.  I have to go back!  Go on without me, I will just be late.
Ed: no, I will just wait here.

I return home to find that not only have I turned off the straightener but I have also unplugged it! No way that baby's burning down the house. 

So, we made it to class just a few minutes late and maybe just a little bit sweatier(made up word?) than normal.  I suppose this could be because hot temperatures are here!  Tomorrow it is supposed reach 99 degrees! There is no good way to get to class when it is hot.  In the metro, it's warm, humid, and my face is always in some sweaty guy's pit (i am not referring to ed btw:), but if we ride our bikes, we have to ride up the biggest hills coming home at 2 pm, the hottest time of day.  what to do, what to do...
At least tomorrow is Thursday!  We have big plans this weekend!


  1. Your Dad's line..."did we shut the garage door?'' Me... "Yes, I am sure we did, well pretty sure, but we better go back and check, just in case we didn't".

  2. Maybe you can develop a phrase like "keys, keys, keys" to help you remember.

  3. haha this is the funniest!

    "We wouldn't want someone coming into our house through the garage and stealing our prized rottweiler." haha.... that's always the phrase thus we always return to find the garage closed and Panz safe and sound in the house.

  4. Heidi I think you have a talent here. You are a great writer, well maybe it is the commedy in your life that makes for great stories. I was laughing out loud!!!!!!

  5. you are so funny!! "all i heard was curling iron" :-) Miss you