Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beagle in the Garden

It is not easy to write a post every day! Mainly because on most days, nothing interesting happens to me!  Yesterday, Scout and I walked to Wylie Wagg, a pet store near the apartment.  It's no petsmart...scout is a spoiled dog.  He gets 'designer' dog treats that are wheat-free.  I know he can definitely taste the 
difference :) It must be nice to work in the 'furr child' industry because it seems that no price on any product is too high for fido..or scout in my case :)  I have actually edited the Dave Ramsey budget so that I have a "scout" line.  Ridiculous!  I never thought I would be one of those 'pet-obsessed' people but it seems that that is just what i have become....  Along with Scout's overpriced dog treats, I also bought him a new patriotic bandana for the 4th of July. He looks so cute in it..though I think for the next holiday, I will try to make one myself.

Also, while snapping pictures of Scout outside, I checked in on our 'garden' which has been shrinking by the week.  Ed dumped the last tomato plant yesterday..So no fresh tomatoes this summer.  However, I just discovered that we have a baby bell pepper growing now! So exciting!  Also, the one jalapeño we have is still going strong.
Where bell peppers come from..

an adolescent jalapeño

Here's one last picture of scout for the road...I am using Ed's camera, hoping that someday I will really know how to use it and not just hope for the best.  Hope ya have a good day!

doing what beagles do best. 


  1. We have 8 baby cherry tomatoes we are nursing!

  2. really?? I am so impressed! We had several flowers but the plant just got really big and then a branch broke. That was the end.

  3. haha... are you or lyndsay nursing them!? lol... you can milk anything with nipples you know haha.... That last picture of scout was adorable!

  4. Love his bandana!! You can easily make them, as talented as you are.

  5. Hahahahah "adolescent jalepeno!"