Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change of Plans

Over the weekend, Ed and I decided that instead of continuing in class till the end of June, I woul go 2 more times this week to say "bye" to our teachers and then be finished with my 'formal' danish lessons.  Ed will now be able to have 100% of our teacher's attention and learn words that I have no desire to know :)   It's funny to see what vocab words interest each of us.  We learned food words our 3rd week in and Ed still doesn't know what 'cucumber' is in danish.  I however don't know how to say or spell 'air force' in danish but Ed knows all sorts of other military-important words.  

So today was my first day of freedom from school :)  I was able to go shopping while most people were at work, take the dog on all of his walks, catch up on some much overdue cleaning and chores and make a planned out dinner like the 'old days'..they were just 4 months ago but how old they seem now....  Also, Ed created my gym routine for mondays, weds and fridays and took me to the gym to show me how to do these so-called moves.  I didn't know what an military press was before this afternoon but I most certainly do now. And my shoulders will surely remember the military press in the morning! Lets just say that I have really let my muscles go to..non-existent and now I am paying for it.  I cannot believe I am admitting this but I was using 2.5 lb weights!!  Pathetic!  I even took a weight lifting class in college..I was showed up by the 5 month pregnant chick in the gym!  wow. 
Tomorrow one of Ed's friends is coming to DC to do a triathlon this weekend.  He shipped his bike to our apartment and it arrived today.  It's not everyday one has a chance to say to a house guest, "here's your towel, a bar of soap, and your bike"... at least not in my world!

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  1. you have no idea how much it thrills me in the morning to open up my computer and have a Heidi blog post.. love that you're doing this!! xoxo