Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Pinterest Post

Do you have a Pinterest account?  If yes,  estimate the number 'fulfilled' pins that you've pinned over the weeks and months.  Is it 50%?  20%?  1%?    I haven't actually counted all the things I have baked/crafted/purchased verses pinned but I'd say I am probably slightly higher-than-average because I use it like a cookbook and I like to bake cookies...a lot.  Anyway..

One thing that I always wonder about is the people that have pinned hundreds of DIY or 'clothing I want' pins.  I just cannot fathom how someone with over 1000 pins ever plans on implementing/purchasing all these different things.  Do these super-pinners ever go back and look at their boards or is it like...window shopping..on the internet?  Those are just my random thoughts on the matter and have nothing to do with what this post is really about-- my new ceramic berry baskets! I pinned this a couple months ago on my 'products I'd like to love' board:

In case it isn't obvious, they are, in fact, ceramic!.  A few months ago, I was in a store here in DK and noticed they had a little section of ceramic things that were made to look like 'American picnic items'--Solo cups, tin foil pie pans etc.  I had a chuckle to myself but moved on without spending my kroner.  However, these, I could live with!   When I unexpectedly snapped one of my favorite spatulas (didn't know that was possible), I decided that I would include these with my replacement purchase from Williams-Sonoma.   

They arrived last week and while Ed doesn't understand my obsession with 'containers', I think they make the Danish strawberries (that I could eat by the handful) taste better :) 

They are made by a company called Heirloom Home & Studio and they are also for-sale at William-Sonoma if you're interested in having some interesting, reusable berry baskets of your own!


  1. I love these! Thanks for the info! Also, I use my Pinterest "gifts" board and "style" board as window shopping... or for just marking things I like, which I have on occasion gone back and purchased when I have a bit extra, or when I have more of a need for the item. I use it as a cookbook, too, though!

  2. It's amazing how real the baskets look--they even have that paper texture! Elise and I walked through Williams-Sonoma last week admiring all the pretty things. We were kind of sad to see that they had a set of Snow White cupcake decorations (a month too late for our party!)

    I have kind of stopped Pinning and started doing projects for our garage remodel. I think you have an amazing amount done. Hope you will pin your artwork for baby so others can repin it someday!

  3. Oh, those are cool! But I got burned by customs on an overseas order once, so never again :(