Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Roadtrip" to Fyn

On Saturday, we had planned to go to Egeskov Slot.
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However, when we arrived, we realized that we should have checked the hours first because the gates were locked... As I discovered later, they will not reopen until April so I suppose that this view of the castle will have to do for now.  Instead of seeing a castle, we spent the rest of the afternoon driving along narrow roads to Assens to have lunch.  We stopped along the way to look at a church...

Church in Brobyværk

As an American, I don't think I will ever tire of seeing buildings that were built in 1200AD
Crypt in bottom of church--another thing that is unseen in most of America (or all of America)

 ....visit a goose and a pony...

Ed crossed the street and they crossed the field and came right up to say Hi

Either the goose thought he was a pony, or the pony a goose--they were never more than a few feet apart
Ed taking the pony's picture
...and see some boats in the harbor at Assens, a town that used to be home to the ferry crossed between Fyn and Jutland before the bridges were built

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  1. I like your title "Roadtrip to Fyn" it sounds like it should be a fairy tale, or a book title :)