Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merry belated Christmas!

Before we even arrived in Denmark, Ed and I planned our first Christmas together away from the States. I don't recall exactly how the location was picked, but we booked our hotel in Kitzbühel Austria in August or September.  It was a great week spent with friends in a 'cute' town and cozy hotel. 

We left on the 21st, spent the night in Würtzburg Germany and arrived in Kitzbühel on the 22nd. 
Würtzburg Christmas Market
We stopped at InterSport to pick out my Christmas present and while waiting for skis to be finished, I made a quick visit to a bakery (which surprises no one :) and then

  arrived at our hotel just in time since it was snowing 'cats and dogs'.
'our' fireplace

Snowy Mouse Car
On the evening of the 22nd, we met up with some friends of ours for dinner

From the 23rd through the 25th, we spent the days skiing & exploring the town with friends
New skis--and a great nerdy look to go with em.

Downtown Kitzbühel

I love the colored buildings..

Austrians know how to decorate for Christmas

Snowy Kitzbühel--for the first 2 days, the clouds never left the valley despite being somewhat clear in the mountains
Finally, the sun came out at the top of the mountain!

Jeremiah's "texas briefcase"

Snowy Chapel in the Mountains

Lift ticket
Christmas Morning--clouds finally left!

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