Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Markets in Hamburg

The weekend after Thanksgiving, I, along with a few of my new friends, headed to Hamburg for the Christmas markets there.  When I was initially invited on this trip, I had met zero of the people going and didn't really know what a 'Christmas Market' entailed (I obviously knew that they would be selling stuff but 'christmas market' to me meant vendors at folding tables in a gym). I decided that I should just jump into life here with both feet--and am glad that I did.
Entrance to the main Christmas Market in front of the city hall

This was the first weekend the markets were open & on the first night--yeah, they were packed!
Some of my new DK friends

Emily and I--my friend from DC who now lives in the netherlands.  She took the train to Hamburg to meet us!

Yes, they are also 'occupying' Hamburg, except that they go home at night and don't leave behind a mess.

Life-size Christmas Windmill

Christmas Parade

First Starbucks in months! Look at the smiles and overall happiness


  1. I miss European Christmas Markets SO MUCH! You should really go to the one in Edinburgh sometime, it's GORGEOUS!

    So pretty Heidi!

  2. Oooo! I've been to the Hamburg Christmas market. Fun! Glad to see your Starbuck's drinks, though I got a sudden craving!