Thursday, December 15, 2011

Faces only a mother could love

Ed went to Copenhagen last week and came home with a gift.  
Most stores will ask as you are paying, "Is it a gift?".  If you say yes, they will wrap it for you!
 He decided that since we are living here, we should collect something--and since Danish-designed furniture is out of the question, he settled on something else. 

They are nisser, or elves. (If you want to read more, I found this website that gives a brief, and hopefully accurate explanation of nisser)  From what I have seen, the Danes decorate with nisser over Santa Claus at Christmas time. Anyway, these two, Lærke and Villads, are the pair of collectible nisser for this year, and they now live in our house.


  1. I love the wrapping paper they came in. I think they are cute, they kind of have the face of baby beans. I don't know if you remember that doll or had one.