Saturday, December 17, 2011

candles and moss... another fire hazard?

I recently met a new neighbor--I'm the new one actually but we met for the first time a few nights ago.  She knocked on my door and offered me branches with tiny pine cones, pine boughs & moss and told me that I could have some if I wanted any of it. Another neighbor who speaks English came out to help explain what I was to do with my newly acquired bits & pieces of plant life. She told me that every year, the Danish children make these arrangements that involved candles and moss and other odds and ends.  I left with my bag of plants determined to make something. 
Bag of moss, sticks and branches      

Before starting the candle arrangement, I excitedly put the pine branches around the house.  I had looked at a few fallen branches in the woods but had yet to collect them. Then, after buying a few candles and lighting the moss over the sink to see just how flammable it was, I set out to make my 'plant arrangement'.  I definitely don't think it's a masterpiece and would never leave the candles unattended, but I am certainly happy that I tried.
Green felt mushrooms were not found in the wild :)

How does it look??

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  1. It looks beautiful!! Love all the Danish traditions, with foliage. I loved the holly, so festive!! I need to have Doug so some stats and the Fire Departments in Denmark, to see if they are cutting edge, since they have alot of practice it seems :)