Thursday, December 15, 2011

Deck the Halls...with fake trees, mice in bows and branches on the celing

 Merry Christmas!  I think in a different post, I typed that I would be hosting my own "christmas party house tour video"...After attempting to make a video of where Scout and I run, I decided against doing videos of me, talking to myself for now. I did, however, take lots of pictures of the house dressed up for Christmas. I do love Christmas- I love that we celebrate Jesus' birth, I love that we can share gifts and time with friends and family, I love baking (and eating) Christmas cookies and watching 'Christmas Vacation' and 'White Christmas'. I even love Christmas music.  But one of my favorite things about Christmas is that my house, or any house, is "dressed up" with texture, pattern and shine. It feels cozy--like hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace.  (Which hasn't happened here yet because the flue won't stay open) So, with all that said, Merry Christmas! I wish you could all be here to have hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and to warm your hands around the.....candles :)
Danish Flags on the tree-we may not be Danish but we certainly live here!  And I should also mention that our tree is fake. Yes, in case you couldn't tell from the pic ;)  But I have been told that the Christmas tree industry is pretty big here so most people prefer a real of my funny neighbors actually told me that a "fake tree is not a tree at all"  Touché
Ornament from Hamburg

Troldhassel (?) branch--the branch that I got from my non-english speaking neighbor--and asked for in Danish.

Snow Village at night

A friend came over with his 2 daughters.  The younger daughter was playing with the snow village people just like I used to do when I was her age. It made me happy!

Dining room

By the tree
Mantel-I think stockings are too long for this small fireplace

Remember making these??

Above the coat closet in kitchen

This mouse stuck around after Halloween

Red Hot Popcorn, Spritz cookies, Pfeffernuese (aka anise cookies) and Gingersnaps
The Village skaters
Danish Tulips
I was trying to take a picture of the whole dining room...but discovered that I could make the camera lens look like a creepy eye
Okay here is the whole dining room
and the living room (the giant mirror where the previous picture was taken is just to the right of the gray lamp)

The skiing moose--skiing to Austria this year :)  (He too was purchased in Hamburg--you would have thought a kid was shopping but no, it was me!)


  1. OH I want to come see you so bad!! and especially at Christmas!! You did such a great job and looks so cozy!! Love how you made the mice Christmassy, so appropriate. I love the table and chairs all put together now, did you put the living room back in the space where previous owners had there dining room table. It appears it is different than their set up on picture.

  2. I just went back and looked at pictures again. I laughed cause I spyed a blue ball jar next to the globe and then I spyed Scout in living room picture, I hadn't seen him before in it. Made me giggle.

  3. I sent you your package yesterday. the lady told me to expect 2-4 weeks maybe longer "since it's Christmas" so... I hope you get it in time, but if not... oh well! You'll have an early Springy Christmas box to unwrap!

  4. your ceiling branch looks cool! and i love that table, did that come with the house or did you buy it once you got there?

  5. Howie, we bought it just before we left DC since we knew we would have a large dining area. Thanks Rachael! I am sure it will still be very wintery when it arrives! I am looking forward to it!