Monday, March 26, 2012

A new kind of Spring

I am experiencing Spring in Denmark for the first time.  I don't know if this is a 'normal' spring but whatever it is, I like it.  Having spent most of my adult life (and even childhood) in southern states, spring meant cool evenings and mornings and days that start out reaching highs in the 70's but then the 80's creep in and by May (or sooner) highs are in the 90s and summer is definitely knocking on the door.
 I honestly couldn't tell you what the temperatures have been here recently but the evenings and morning are quite cool. By the middle of the day temperatures recently have been so nice.  Nice enough to wear shorts around the yard (though if you go out and see the Danes in public, they still have jeans, coats, and scarves on..why? I don't know)  Anyway, this is what I always envisioned spring being like--a slowly arriving season that says it is actually spring, not the introduction to summer. (I'm sorry but if it is in the 80's in February, it may be nice at the moment, but it only means summer will be miserable!)  
So, I've been loving the spring here so far.  Flowers are popping up all around the neighborhood and in our yard even so I thought I'd show you a few flowers that I have collected on walks with Scout (fyi, these were in no ones yard--I wasn't picking flowers out of anyone's garden I promise!)
When I picked the purple flowers, they looked like a tiny tulip but by the time I arrived home, they were all open like this

I don't know what any of these flowers are called but the white ones remind me of lanterns.

To give you perspective on their size--(and the size of the tiny ball jars!)  A lego baker standing next to them.
 The rest of the pictures are from around the house.  Have I mentioned I love Spring, and Easter too :) 
Tealights on the dresser-turned-china-holding-side-table.

Bottle Brush chicks from Pottery Barn last year.  When I lived in DC, I stalked the sale stuff after Easter making sure I could buy these originally $20 dollar chicks for much, much cheaper. The colored stone eggs came from a store here called Søstrene Grene.  I can't think of what store in the U.S. it could be compared.  

Stacked basket in a bowl.  I used glass tealight holders to raise the basket above the edge of the bowl. I thought it was a pretty clever way to store them, since I was about to stuff them in a drawer.
Ball Jar candle holders
From the other direction

 The eggs in the jars are just plastic easter eggs.  I taped around the opening and then covered them with Mod Podge and scrapbook paper.  I've made about 10 each year for the past 2 years and now have quite a collection of them. 

Birds in my favorite branch

I bought 2 fabric birds and made the rest out of scrapbook paper. 

Mantle.  The bowl and the print were purchased in Germany on our way to Austria in February.

A picture where the print is in-focus.  It is of Rottenburg, Germany. (just south of Stuttgart) We haven't been there but this building can still be seen.
White bunny, another after-Easter Pottery Barn find.  His original purpose was to be a place card holder but I think he serves a better purpose guarding this massive egg.
I suppose I will leave my Easter/ Spring decorations up until it actually feels like summer...I forgot to mention this but, the days are getting much longer now.  Between the time change this past weekend and the shifting of the earth, the sun comes up around 7 and sets a little before 8.  The days will be getting longer until the end of June! I'm loving it now but will be thankful for my black out shades  when the sun is rising before 5 and setting after 10 :)


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    1. Thank you! I wondered what they were. It's nice to live in a place where things actually want to grow, rather than being coaxed out of the ground (like the vegetables in DC..and in Florida, the flowers didn't stand a chance in my care!)

  2. Wow your house could rival Martha Stewarts-so cute!

  3. Love the spring decorations!! I laughed at how tiny the flowers are when I realized they were in the Ball S&P shakers :)