Monday, November 14, 2011

A problem

Hi my name is Heidi and I have an Pastries.  Yes, danish pastries are so ridiculously good.  There is nothing in the States that can compare.  I will have the "coffee with a friend" pastry, the "saturday morning" pastry, the "just because I am walking by" pastry...I have been averaging about 2 1/2 pastries a week!  And I eat them so quickly that I only think to take a picture of them after they are already gone! Thankfully I am only a month into my addiction and have caught it before my jeans to don't button and my boots don't zip...I have decided to limit myself to one a week..the saturday morning pastry with Ed. 
the 'saturday morning' pastry with Ed.  We were bickering as he was taking this picture.  I said that the people in line ahead of us didn't want their picture taken...turns out the man directly in front of me is one of Ed's bosses here in DK.


  1. Oh no, that sounds like trouble when we come to visit!! :) It reminds me of the cupcake frenzy in D.C.

  2. So glad we met up before the 'coffee with a friend' became off limits! That pastry was sooooo good!