Thursday, November 10, 2011

Volleyball, 10 years later

I think I mentioned this in a Facebook 'status update' but didn't mention it on my blog (probably because I didn't have a picture to include with the post). I, after a 10 year break, am going to start playing volleyball again for a city league here in Kolding.  Correction, I started again last night.  I just want to say this will be a short post because my forearms are killing me.  They are so sore and seriously swollen.  I knew they were larger than normal but didn't realize how bad it was until i took off my watch earlier today and found a massive 'dent' left behind.  And it's not just my arms! I am pretty much sore all over- back, legs, shoulders, you name it.  I can honestly say that today is the first time in my life that I actually feel like I am 'getting older'.  Yes, I realize that my age isn't really considered 'old', but I now can say for a fact, that despite not feeling any older mentally, my body is actually 10 years older than it was when I was diving for a ball at 16.
In other 'news', I purchased the largest mirror that I have ever owned, or seen in a home for that matter, today. I think it is pretty awesome--and not just because every time I am directly in front of it, I can see myself :)    It currently is standing in our bedroom but I believe it is going to move to the living room, where it can be enjoyed by everyone--and maybe make the room slightly brighter in the dark evenings. Ed and I toured a historic home in Franklin TN and it seemed like there were mirrors everywhere, including all over a huge, nearly-to-the ceiling decorative shelf/buffet in the dining room.  The tour guide said that the reason for all the mirrors was because it would reflect the candlelight in the evenings and make it 'twice as bright'. So that is actually my true goal in buying the mirror, though I can now see a full image of myself aging by the day :) 
 If you are interested in seeing a picture of the shelf, follow the link,  the image is 15 of 33.  AND, if you are ever in Franklin and are interested in Civil War history, take the tour of the Lotz House.  I found the tour and history behind the house to be very interesting. I wasn't blogging at the time so didn't write about this but Ed and I will briefly appear in a documentary called Heading Back Home. When we visited the Lotz House, a film crew was filming the tour guide as he was guiding us through the museum and we just so happened to be in at least a shot--our acting debut haha

I'm sorry this isn't a picture of my puffy arms.

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