Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A year ago...

One year ago today, Ed and I were getting up at this time to go into my Aunt Marilee and Uncle Doug's bakery, Harvey Bakery, to see a 'day in the life' of baker.   I am glad that we had a chance to experience the work side of a bakery, not just the eating side.  Ed made a flipshare video but it seems to have disappeared...possibly because of his infamous utterance "dease one need atteention".  (I realize that makes no sense to anyone but us but this is my diary!  Ask him about it) So, I guess pictures will do for now, but I intend on finding that video..
Donuts coming out of the yummy yummy grease

I'm sure this was not the most effective technique for flipping donuts, but it worked for me!


Cutting donuts for the next day (actually Friday, the next day was Thanksgiving)

Aunt Marilee & I

Snow on the ground in November.  Just another fall day in ND
What a fun morning!  Thanks again Doug and Marilee.  Tomorrow, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving but it will be quite different than last year.  Though I will miss being with my family,  Ed & I are looking forward to spending it with new friends!
And speaking of the Flip camera, I think I will be taking it on a Christmas tour of our house.  Since Denmark is a little far for a Christmas party for our friends and/or family, I may just bake some cookies, set 'em on the table and show you what you're missing :)


  1. Thank you for the great blog it was so sweet, it made me cry, miss you guys!!!! That video went missing awhile ago off of youtube. I remember looking for it and not being able to find it. It was called Dakota Pride and ________ Heritage. Something like that but can't remember last words. Love you guys!!!

  2. Wow, Ed looks like a real he-man in the last pix, who needs a coat...this isn't cold! We miss you, Heidi, have a Happy Thanksgiving!