Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home is where the heart is

Hello!  I figured that the last post...my amazing rendition of  "night before christmas" was enough blogging to last an entire week, but I am back now!  That will be my last attempt at rhyming for a very long time.  

The past week has been busy to say the least.. We had expected the hh goods move portion of the week to take just 1 day but in the end it was still 2 days.  I guess the estimator (the guy who looked at the amount of stuff in the apart b4 movers--I think this is his job title) wasn't supposed to tell me how long it would take to pack and load everything..but he had...and he had said ONE day.  But the packers showed up Monday morning prepared to just...pack, not load. So one day became two. It wasn't a big deal,  just annoying...
guest room

The kitchen nightmare, contained in several boxes

Tuesday, another crew came to pick up the household goods.  Everything went well with this portion of the move aside from the "Mildew Shirt Mover". A cloud of mildew-scented air followed him around the apartment...and it was nauseating. After the movers left, I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom for our inspection--which paid off--looks like we'll be getting our deposit back--despite having a dog.  (He actually said our carpet looked good. Ha!  If our carpet's good, I would hate to see what 'not good' carpet is) Between the patio furniture and the furniture that we are selling, we still have someplace to eat and sit. Don't be deceived by the tv cabinet...the tv is gone. To watch tv now, I go to the gym with my headphones.  Plus side is that I've been on the treadmill or elliptical more than an hour a day the past few days.  I couldn't miss another Design Star episode!

The shade-less lamps add a special touch don'tcha think?

Wednesday, another moving crew of 3 people came to pick up our unaccompanied baggage...which was funny because we had about 100 lbs of stuff to send. Shortest time with movers ever--it took 30 minutes from beginning to end and they even played with Scout. This is my first overseas PCS with Ed so I really didn't know what I should send with this shipment.  I've heard that some send much of their kitchen stuff...but I decided to send the bare minimum: Sheets, towels, duvet cover and pillows, 1 pot, 1 pan, spatula, spoon, plastic silverware, paper plates and plastic bowls and cups, dishtowels, rain boots, umbrella, scout's orvis bed and his permanent crate.  Hope it's enough :) I am sure it will be more than enough as we are currently doing all our cooking in one $3 soup pot from goodwill. 

Thursday, our permanent storage was picked up from the storage unit we had while living here.  And that was the end of our moving week...except that we haven't moved...just our worldly possessions.  On Monday, as Ed was watching them pack, he declared the amount of stuff we had 'sickening'.  At first, I was a little bit offended.  But, once it was out of sight, I realized that if our crates fell over the side of the ship, I probably wouldn't miss much of what was gone...since it was just 'stuff''.  I wouldn't go as far as to say it all was sickening...the things in those crates make living in a house comfortable, fun, convenient, and pretty. But I know that my home is where my people, pets, and memories reside..  I think one could live a perfectly happy life with just food, shelter and a suitcase of clothes. 
So I guess when I get to Denmark, I can take up cross-stitching and make a pillow that says "Home is where the heart is"  as I now truly understand it :)  Until next time...


  1. Uggh, moving is the worst - I feel for you. Thank you for your email, I'm excited to exchange postcards with you. I'll send you a respond email with my mailing address.

    Im your newest follower


  2. Those pictures are CRAZY with everything packed!! Please don't tell me that your red wing crock and your blue ball jars mean NOTHING!!! hahaha!! I understand completely, minimal is good ;) But there are some things just fun to have!!

  3. Oh no they do!! I will have to email you the pic of how they packed the crock with all the reeds, flowers, branches etc. Pretty impressive.

    Thanks Michelle!

  4. Hahahahah...what a line! "Once it was out of sight, I realized that if our crates fell over the side of the ship, I probably wouldn't miss much of what was gone...since it was just 'stuff'" Hope your stuff doesn't have a Titantic experience!

  5. Crikey! That is like a military campaign in planning and execution. Good on ya, girl!

    This is what I brought to Denmark with me:

    Here's to cross stitching ;)

  6. Fun to see how you guys are preparing! We got a small storage space in the States for a few things and pretty much sold/Goodwilled the rest. The luggage I brought with me on Sunday (yup, just arrived the other day and catching up on blog reading!) was sort of hilarious -- 3 giant suitcases filled with comic books and minimal clothing. I guess you can see where my priorities lie! :)

    I plan to do lots of knitting/crocheting/cross-stitching/embroidery starting this fall. Perhaps a little craft group will be necessary!

  7. Craft group would be awesome. I tried to start one on Ravelry but it sort of petered out.
    Trekantområde means "triangle area" and is Fredericia, Vejle and Kolding.

  8. I'm reading some of your old posts, and I just laughed and showed my husband your pictures- he's AF, and now I'm wishing we took pictures each move to see just how much stuff we've increased over our moves. He said he'd hate that- having to have record of just how much "crap" I have! We had our first overseas move to England 2.5 years ago (still here now) and I had a HARD time giving in to shipping my negatives (I'm a photographer) that I normally pack in the car for CONUS moves. Then... our unaccompanied baggage (which had my negatives) disappeared for two weeks- they had NO record of it. I really thought I was going to have a heart attack! Most of my stuff I *could* live without- but my negatives are the #1 thing I'd save from a fire once I knew all living beings were safe! After all that drama, our stuff arrived with one broken mug- less moving-casualties than our two CONUS moves. Anyway, I'll end this longest comment ever- but I'm loving your travels/story of living in Denmark!

    1. You're a real, real photographer with negatives! I can understand why you wouldn't want to ship those. I don't think I would want to either (especially after seeing all the cargo containers at the port in Hamburg! How things don't get lost beats me) I just spent some time looking at your pictures actually! They are fantastic! I love that you visited places off the beaten path. I'm not sure that will happen now that we're having a baby but I'm certainly going to try!