Wednesday, August 3, 2011

(lack of) cavities and cupcakes

Yes! I have made it through another dentist appointment with zero cavities.  I may love getting my teeth cleaned, but I am always worried about the end of the appointment...when the dentist hands down the final verdict.  Did I or did I not do a good enough job flossing this year (shoulda been 6 months, as I was reminded by the hygienist) I passed on the cavities but was told that I needed to start replacing all my silver fillings with white fillings...preferably crowns...Ha!  I'm sure you would like me to replace my fillings with crowns.. (in case you have blessed with good teeth or have been obsessive about dental hygiene since birth, crowns are ridiculously expensive.  And the crown's best friend, the root canal, is even worse!)  Soo, that was new.  But there was no mention of "the beginnings of gingivitis", which means my extra-vigorous flossing must be doing some good!

To treat myself for such an excellent dental appointment, I made my way down to Hello Cupcake.  (I am sure dental hygienists around the world would be pleased to know what happens post-cleaning--though I waited over 30 minutes to eat or drink as directed)  I had the "you tart"  cupcake which is available everyday.  It was a lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting.  It was quite good.  The employees were friendly and there were plenty of seats so I was able to sit and eat--rather than scarf it down on the street corner (where I eat most cupcakes).  I had a library book along and as I was paying for my $3 cupcake, the cashier told me that when she had not turned in her library book, they had turned it over to 'collections'...but not the kind that goes on your credit report.  hmm...sounds serious for a library.  I wonder if they have also increased their 10-cent/ day fine...

I am planning to get my hair cut again soon.  My daily documentation of all trivial life events is paying off because I was able to look back in my post history and find out how many weeks had passed since my last hair cut.   I am sure this will also come in handy at my next dental appointment. "What was the exact day of your last cleaning?" How does one remember that?!  Till next time! -Heidi


  1. Cupcakes after the dentist? You're a girl after my own heart!

  2. When you come to Texas, we'll have to go to two cupcake bakeries in Keller. Lyndsay and I discovered a really tasty Lemon cupcake yesterday at one of them!