Friday, October 21, 2011

Excuse me, do you have a REAL can opener?

Somehow, even with about 100 utensils to our name, Ed and I ended up here in Denmark without a regular can-opener.  I only say regular because I just assumed that a standard can opener in the western world was the 'normal' kind, you know, the one with two wheels that 'bite' into the edge of the can and then turning the wheel handle (i guess this is what it could be called) opens the can in under 30 seconds...

So, as I was saying,  we didn't have a can opener...In the first few days here, Ed looked for a can opener at a small grocery store but didn't see one.  Once I arrived, we looked for one at a larger store that is a cross between a SuperTarget and Walmart.  We found the kitchen area and again could not find a normal can opener.  Ed found an employee and asked if they had a can opener.  She took him to the utensil section and pointed to this and said there you go, this is the only can opener we have.

I guess it can be a bottle opener now.

Uh, okay.  Well, we needed to open a can so we bought it...though Ed declared as he was tossing in the cart "I think I would be better off just using my camping knife."  

Well, I was not satisfied with this.  I didn't watch Ed's attempt to open a can with this, but it definitely didn't take 30 seconds or less. I had already made up my mind to search every store in Kolding and pay any price for a normal can opener! I could see how it worked but I just wasn't going to accept this hook as my can opener.

A couple days later, I found myself back at the mall with some new friends.  I casually asked if there was a kitchen store--and there was, so we went.  I scanned the utensils, none, found an employee and both asked, and mimed what I was shopping for, and again, nothing. They actually were completely sold out of all can openers, but the clerk assured me that what they normally did have was not the kind that I was looking for...At this point I was feeling really disappointed because I thought for sure this would have been the place I would have found it.  As I was roaming the store, feeling slightly dejected, I was cheered by the sight of purple KitchenAid stand mixers.  Stand mixers always make me happy...and as I was staring at the boysenberry-colored mixer (yes, you have got to see this color-- so pretty!) I happened to glance to the left and see this
I promise you, my new kitchen bff, to never put you in the dishwasher
Oh my goodness, it was like seeing an oasis in the desert!  Haha, dramatic, but my true feelings at the moment!  There IT was!!  I have actually had 2 KitchenAid can-openers in the past and never was very happy with either (probably bc I put them in the dishwasher, which ruins them over time). This can opener, well I love it.  It is my new best friend in the kitchen. 

I just have to point out one last thing before I end this little saga (aside from the obvious--if you are moving overseas and are accustomed to something as simple as a can opener, bring it with you if possible) This box set of 5 kitchenaid utensils was originally 629 Danish kroner...roughly $120.  Yep, that's right, around $24/utensil. It's sale price was about $60.  I wasn't terribly happy about this 'sale' until I spotted another KA can-opener (yes, apparently KA has a corner on the American-style can opener market here) at a different kitchen store.  It was just the opener by itself and cost 200DKK--$40. Now I am definitely not complaining about my sale price :)


  1. 300dkk for a can opener? Wow thats expensive!

    I've seen the American styled openers several places in Denmark. Last time I was looking for the classic one (the one in your first image) I couldn't find one. I grew up using one of those and actually prefer using that. - one of the chains of kitchen stuff stores only has two of the American when searching their site for "dåseåbner".

    BTW how do mime a can opener? :)

  2. We found ours at Ikea. I haven't even had to use it yet though, as all cans I have bought so far have a little pull tab. Always good to have on hand though!

  3. I didn't even think about waiting to go to ikea to find one! It does seem that most of the canned goods here do have the tab so it may not be entirely necessary but I sent canned goods in my hhgoods shipment--much of which need just a normal, or even classic can opener as Michael put it. Bilka has the classic michael! or if not, I have a slightly used one that I would be willing to part with

  4. I think I have my "classic" opener in a box somewhere in Denmark. If I don't find it I might take you up on that offer.

  5. I'm with Michael - I wanna see the can opening mime... HA! I'm glad you found one - I was thinking once everyone sees this they'll all mail them to you - YOU could have the corner on "classic can openers" ! Ha!

  6. I have a completely different one altogether, I got it in Føtex, if memory serves. It's not as delux as the kitchen aid one but is less of a mystery metal shard. I go out of my way to buy tab open cans now though. LAZY ME!

  7. I'm glad you were able to find a decent one! While we're on the subject of can openers... I can't help but share this awesome one that was given to me as a gift: Since Rosle is in Europe maybe you could find it cheaper there? what makes it so great is as it opens it binds the edge so there is no danger of hurting yourself... maybe worth the extra $$ if you have kiddos around. But as you say so many cans have that awesome tab...

  8. I love that little guy of a can opener. Geoff (my husband) also can't figure out how to use it. Maybe it's an intelligence test, I tell him. I "import" them to the US - they are so much easier to use. Really! Yes, seriously, I miss these. Lost my last one a while back, so I'm definitely getting a new one next time I'm in Denmark.

    Anyhow, so excited that you and Ed seem to be enjoying Denmark!

  9. This post caused quite a bit of discussion with my boyfriend (the Michael further up) and I! I have put my foot down at the mystery shard as well! But anyways, I see that you live in Kolding. We just moved to Denmark and I should be coming to Kolding tomorrow (I need something to wear for my first day at work next week and I can hitch a ride with his mum). Any suggestions? Or if you're around for a coffee and a chat about strange things in Denmark do let me know! I will be there all afternoon

  10. Thank you for posting this! I just moved to Denmark as well and discovered the weird danish can opener in a drawer...was hoping to find a solution on the web, but this post gave me a laugh. Looks like I'll be making a trip to Ikea.