Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Farewell Texas, it's been good

Tonight is my last night in Texas for awhile.  I have had such a good time here so I am a little bit sad to leave, but I am really looking forward to being with Ed again.   Skype is great but nothing beats being with someone in person. So, here's a look back at my past few weeks:

I love cupcakes so much that mom and I decided to make a batch....then I was allowed to attempt to decorate them.  Found out it's more difficult than it looks haha
ugliest cupcakes ever. They tasted good though
 I met up with Jennifer, my friend from middle school, to have dinner...Nothings really changed between us except that we are older, married and maybe wiser :)

 Scout went to the vet at Shepherd AFB to have his traveling paperwork filled out.  My parents were expecting to witness the 'tan terror' that Ed and I know in the car but apparently he wanted to impress his 'grandparents'

 Again, the huge zucchini...

I went to see my friend Spring play her recital...She was amazing!  

Spring's sister Autumn--One of my best friends.  She too had to pose with the baby-sized zucch.

Autumn & I

I finally had a ride on the 'secret' motorcycle that my parents tried to hide from Ed and I (yes, they never told us that they had bought a motorcycle...they owned it for months before my grandma accidently mentioned that she had been on it over the phone)

Tonight, my parents and I went to the State Fair of Texas.  I thought that we went a lot when I was younger but I guess I was remembering stock shows and other livestock/fried food events I attended growing up in this area.  I suppose we never went because it is so expensive.  $16 dollars a person adds up quickly.  Thankfully, we found out that on Tuesdays, an empty Dr. Pepper can will get you a $4 ticket. We all had a Dr. Pepper before heading in
I felt bad for this Longhorn. His horns were about as wide as the pen

Mom and I waiting for the 'amazing doberman' show.  I wouldn't say it was amazing but it was pretty cool.  Alot of dogs hopping on their back legs and hurdle-jumping dobermans.

 A pinwheel park.

 Mom and I on the ferris wheel

 Texas Star

 Mom and Dad with Big Tex

We found the fried bubblegum too late.  This is the hot item at the TX state fair this year...

Well, I worked on one other project the entire time I was here--I refinished (with the help of both my parents) a chair and a bench that sit out in my parents yard.  They are not finished yet but almost! I guess I will have to put a picture up later

And that about covers it!  Next time I write, I will be writing from my own computer, in my own (rented) house! Until then, farvel!

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