Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Forest

I will probably say it 1000 times before we move again but I love the area where our house is located.  I love it! I am not sure if it's because I have always wanted to live near woods, hills, trails and creeks or because when I am out on the trail, I feel 'normal'--like I could be anywhere.  I am not struggling to understand spoken danish,  stammering "Jeg taler engelsk bedre end dansk"  (I have a feeling these words will be used quite often in the coming months..years..), or attempting to differentiate between the 20 kroner (approx $3.75) and 10 kroner coins while staring into my now stuffed-to-the-brim coin purse.

Side story to go with the money here-I went into the gas station last night to buy ice cream and a magazine--a danish magazine.  I didn't say anything to the girl that was ringing me up but when I began fishing the 80 kroner out of my coin purse, it became painfully obvious that I was not all that familiar with danish money, or danish for that matter.  I'm sure as I left, she had to wonder why in the world I would be buying a danish magazine...and the ice cream. Well that was to sooth my depression over paying around $15 for stuff that in America, would have cost about $8 :)

So back to where we live.  As I was saying, I love it.  I am just another person out for a jog with my dog.  No one gives me a second look.  I have a feeling that scout and I will be spending a lot of time on the trails...
It's not difficult to see that Hans Christian Andersen had plenty of fairy tale inspiration all around him. I know he didn't write Little Red Riding Hood but sometimes running through here, I think about her...skipping through the forest to grandmother's house (which is probably the house with the thatched roof at the end of this particular trail!)

Beginning of fall colors

Perfect morning (not a gravestone behind ed in case you were wondering)

In front of our house--scout smells rabbit, which is why he is licking his chops
Scout, my running buddy

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