Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fireworks over DC

I was too busy to actually type my post about this day on the actual day, but I was thinking about it :)  I remember on July 4th of last year, we had just learned the location of Ed's upcoming assignment.  I recall thinking, "in one year, we will be living in Washington DC on the 4th of July, preparing to move to Denmark."  And now, here we are, in DC, preparing to move.  We are currently looking at a promising house to rent in DK.  It'd be nice to know where we will be staying in advance but I'm not going to count that egg till it's hatched. But back to the 4th:  We left our apartment around 2pm to eat the required patriotic holiday meal: hamburgers and hot dogs. (am I wrong??)  We don't have a grill here so we went to 5 guys :) 

After lunch, we walked down past Iwo Jima to the Arlington National Cemetery, where we spent 2 hours going up to the Arlington house, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Kennedy's grave and a few other places.  The cemetery was quiet and peaceful even though it was a holiday.
  We walked back to the large hill that overlooks DC, below the Netherland's Carillion.  We found an open space with a view of the monuments and sat down in the grass to wait for Ed to arrive with the blanket.   It did sprinkle a little bit but thankfully the rain stayed away for the evening.

Waiting for Ed...hoping the sprinkles stay sprinkles and don't become downpour.
Ed & I

1 1/2 hrs before the fireworks...the hill was already filled with people.

Ed and his 'grass trumpet'  :)

By the end of the show, the smoke blocked the the view of
the capitol and washington monument.
Beginning of the 'grand finale'
It was so amazing to see fireworks over our nation's capitol.  I truly think it's something that everyone should experience at least once... I feel blessed to have been born in a great country. While I am looking forward to living in a foreign country for a time, I will always be proud to be an American. 

Amy left early on Tuesday morning and made it home with zero problems! (though my drive home from the airport was less than successful. Part of the traffic circle to come home was closed and so I was forced into DC proper--last place I want to be during morning traffic. I thankfully had the GPS up and running so was able to make it home with only 1 angry honk from another driver) Natalie's flight wasn't scheduled to leave till 6 pm so after she packed her bags, we went to DC one last time and went to the National Gallery of Art.  I will have to go back again before we leave because we were only able to see a little over half of the upper floor despite spending 2+ hours there.  Natalie's trip home went smoothly as well.  It seems that travel, free of delays and missed flights doesn't happen all that often for these 2!  

My final thought on the 4th of July, 2011...Next year, we will be living in Denmark, maybe celebrating here, the location of the largest 4th of July celebration outside of the U.S.  Cool huh?


  1. Love the pictures.......the fireworks look amazing!!!! I can only imagine :)

  2. After watching the fireworks in Durango i went inside and watched A Capital Fourth on PBS - So I KIND OF got to watch with you! Miss you! When are you going to make it to Tejas?

  3. I lived in the DC area from birth until just after 3rd grade. I watched fireworks from that very spot many times. Your photos brought back good memories!