Friday, July 29, 2011

Ta-Ta-Ta Table

 Our table and chairs arrived this week & I like 'em.  I definitely love the table and I really like the chairs.  I normally would never have picked white anything but when looking around our apartment recently, I have noticed that all the furniture we have is really dark.  I don't think this is our fault--it's our living room fault :)  It's narrow and forces all the furniture close together, which makes me see just how dark it all is.  My first move in slowly lightening up our place is the white chairs.  White's growing on me...  I am being inspired by Danish design :) 
Ed adding tung oil to the top of the table

white chairs 

I realize it's not a style everyone would like, but we do :)

So that's that.  Good thing we didn't buy the table intending on it staying in this space for long because it is quite large.  Scout has to stand sideways to eat his dinner now!   Also, I now realize that the walls in the apartment are actually not white.  The chairs are white.  The walls white...light yellow?  

Ed is out with one of his friends and I have been cleaning by using this timing system.  I now know it takes me 30 mins to clean everything in our bathroom and around 45 minutes to really clean the kitchen.  Interesting... 

Hope you all our having a delightful Thursday:) 

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