Friday, July 15, 2011

Why I Love Etsy

Have you met Etsy?   If not, you should.  Don't read any further, just go to Etsy.  But back to my reasons for loving Etsy.  

-It is the arts or crafts festival of my dreams.  Rather than just seeing things from your local area..or even your state or country, you can find unique, fun things from artists and crafters from around the world.  Much of it is reasonably priced as well.  

-Whether you can sew, make jewelry, paint..whatever you do, you can be sure to find inspiration in your area of interest.  

-If you can't do it yourself, you can buy it! I have yet to see a vendor with a genius idea and zero sales.  

-If you are searching for something very specific, you can probably find it--I believe their search function has magical powers :)

There are surely a million other reasons why it's awesome but I will get on with my post. 

I was searching for art prints to buy so I could do something like this (see below) in our next house
to read the owners blow, see here
And then I came upon a print that I could easily make something similar for myself...and so I did.  But then I thought, "Why stop there when I could take care of a few more upcoming birthdays"  
So unfortunately I cannot show you what I have been working on today, but I can show you another Etsy buy and inspired craft.
These were my bridesmaids gifts--I bought them from a shop called "Steampunk cellar".
They appear to have closed down their shop so I cannot put up a link.
Then, for Christmas of 2009, I made a lot of pillows based on an owl pillow from here
But for my sister Holly, I made a special bat pillow since it was the year she was bitten by a bat and then had to go through the series of rabies vaccinations. 

Holly, looking thrilled on Christmas Eve. 
I am certain she will always think of that incident whenever she sees this lovely creature.  Do you Holly?  
Oh wait!  I can ask her in person tomorrow!  Holly is finally coming to visit Ed and I in DC.  Maybe she's been avoiding it because the last time she was here, she was hobbling across the finish line at the Marine Corp Marathon...but I could be wrong.  Anywhy...moving right along.  I think tomorrow I will post a recipe of Mac and Not Cheese here unless something more exciting happens :)  Until then...have a nice evening :)


  1. The Marine Corp Marathon was written about in an essay for medical school and you Heidi were included, although not mentioned by name! "What does that have to do with school?" you may ask. The topic was a life lesson that will help you in medical school. She mentioned that her very encouraging running partner dropped out at mile 10 and she wasn't sure she could or would go on, but she persevered! She didn't mention the very encouraging partner that joined after her mother...ha

  2. Hi there!
    That is so exciting about your move to DK!
    There are several of us Texans in Denmark!