Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a story of a certain cat

Let me tell you a little story.

First, let me mention that I took my last shopping trip with car.  From now on, I will be carrying my groceries home like a pack mule.  I also stopped by bed bath & beyond to buy padded draw liners.  When we first arrived in DC, I made a list of all the things that it would be convenient to have when our household goods arrive in DK and that, along with a new toilet brush (because there is no way I am transporting a used toilet brush around the world.  I am even a little hesitant to take the plunger) and shower curtain liner were also on my list (because again, I am not moving soap scum to Denmark).

So, back to my story.  Once, around my freshman year in high school, my mom and I were @ BB&B buying something or other when I encountered the greatest toilet brush holder I had ever seen.  It was sitting black cat with a looong neck with an opening in the back for the brush. Since I was just a freshman, and had no money, I didn't buy it, and my mom didn't acquiesce to my demands for her to buy it (hmm, actually i never did that ;)...so I left the store empty handed.

The very next day, my mom pulled up to school in the trusty sienna van with the black cat toilet brush holder held victoriously in her hand.  I truly was elated--over a bathroom accessory! So, through the years, I continued to use my favorite black cat toilet brush holder (bctbh). It survived many moves and eventually ended up in Florida after we were married. 

Then, Scout came into our lives.  He initially stayed in his crate while we were away but I decided that maybe he could handle being locked into the bathroom with a puppy pee pad instead.  I picked everything up that I was worried about but left the bctbh tucked in the corner.  When I returned 4 hours later, it was shattered.  Scout was sleeping on the unused pee pad and my 12 year old bathroom treasure was gone.  There was no saving it.  

Unbeknownst to anyone, I began searching the internet for this stupid toilet brush holder but I couldn't find a replacement.  Apparently, people don't sell toilet brush holders on Ebay.  I never forgot about it though.  I was in an antique store with Marilee this March and found a small, sitting black cat that was $9 dollars that reminded me of my lost bctbh.  As I was paying for it, I was telling the owner of the store why I was buying this trinket and the lady standing next to me was like "I know what you're talking about! My parents have one of those!"   Hmm, I wouldn't suppose they'd be willing to sell it to me...Kidding. I didn't ask but was again, saddened about my lost bctbh.

So, back to my shopping trip today.  I had collected my drawer liners and was rounding the corner into bath section when,  there it was....my bctbh.  But in white.  I could not believe it!  I grabbed it and ran to the front of the store to buy it.  Dave Ramsey didn't even cross my mind.   I was actually so excited that I paid and left the store without picking up my shower curtain liner...

Guess that means I have one more shopping trip before the mouse car heads to the boat :)

If you are still reading this long saga about a toilet brush holder, I will let you see my new beauty

BCTBH memorial cat

white cat tbh...I hope the movers don't break you
I put the white cat on top of the new pile of things from the storage unit that are going to DK.  If you come and visit us in DC before we leave, I apologize for the guest bathroom in advance.


  1. Hahahah I like your line "Dave Ramsey didn't even cross my mind"

  2. I hope since kitty is so special, and is expected to survive at least 9 years that he is packed comfortably and securely. He looks a little at risk there! Careful Holly, I wouldn't want you to be in the dog house with Scout if Whitey gets knocked off his waiting pedestal!