Wednesday, July 13, 2011


No I am not a hoarder, but I have been collecting underwear for about a year now. Yes, actually more than a year.  They are all  new underwear.....To take to denmark, where my favorite undergarments cannot be purchased.  I happened to read on day 1 of our new assignment that "you may want to bring your own underwear because they will be different than what you are used to and more expensive."  I am sure they are not that different but in my mind, I was picturing frilly, full body-covering undergarments from the 1920' if Europe didn't get the memo that plain cotton underwear are okay for everyday wear. Travel, Heidi, not time travel.

Also, I have been wearing the same brand and style of underwear since high school.  They are so comfortable and just cute..for everyday.  I refuse to depart from something that works well just because it comes from a certain, aimed-at-high-schoolers store. 

As I mentioned, I have been collecting them... 29 pairs now.   Some were gifts from my bff rachael , others were $2 a piece and some I paid regular price.  And if given the opportunity, I may buy more.  3 years is a long time!
My new collection--I promise, they all still have tags!

The cute details--buttons, bows and ruffles. 

I know this is an odd topic but let's be real, we all wear them :)   If you are interested, they are American Eagle's Aerie boybriefs.  

I am off to finish my list of 'things to do' today.  Hej Hej!


  1. What happens if you get prego and these won't fit?????

  2. That is hilarious!!!! I understand sticking with a brand/style that works, though.

  3. Oh they are going to fit. And when and if I get pregnant, I will have a way bigger clothing issue that just underwear :) Maybe i should have started collecting maternity clothing...

  4. You're hilarious!! I love you!!

  5. These have made Christmas stocking stuffers one stop shopping for all my girls! Christmas ones are especially cute, reindeer, snowflakes, trees, candy cane print. And seriously there is some cloth to them-I don't like finding things in my laundry that look as if something fell apart in the laundry and all that was left was elastic and a piece of lace. I still believe thongs are for feet! the mother

  6. Nice, but I still can't believe you just posted a pic of your undies online. How does the husband feel about this?

    and nice.. .it really is the little details that make them the best, and also the cute little designs all the time.