Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Love You Fresh Market!

Oh hello blog. Long time, no see. 

I have been busy the past few days, busy creating masterpieces ;)  Maybe I will put some pictures up later...  So this post is a catch-up of a few days

This weekend, Ed and I continued our furniture shopping quest in hopes of finding a place for our tv.  We have a really, really big cabinet now. I have a feeling that after another PCS, this cabinet may arrive in a pile of sticks.  

We had zero luck.  So the tv may be sitting on the floor.  (On a brighter note, our table comes today, and chairs come tomorrow!)  Ed has been busy getting things ready for our move!  There is so much more that he is having to do in order for us to leave for this assignment.  And it seems that most of these tasks are things I wouldn't be able to do...Thanks for all the hard work Ed! 
I promise you, I was not holding him hostage!

In my last post, I mentioned taking the bus for a 2nd time.  I have become obsessed with the bus.  I do not know why I never bothered checking out the bus.  Having a car makes grocery shopping convenient but for everything else I ever did around DC via car, I could have taken the bus.  It's cheap, I don't have to be stressed about being in traffic, I won't get lost,  I can get to places that the metro doesn't  go (and you can basically be dropped off in front of whatever you are going because there are so many bus stops-I am not lazy, it's just HOT outside) The bus is just awesome!   There is a bus stop down the street from our house in DK.  I am not going to lie--I am just a little bit excited :)   So there is a point to my bus ravings.   I decided over the weekend that I would plan a "trip" by bus.  My destination of choice: The Fresh Market

Side-note:  I love Fresh Market! We lived near one in Florida and it was so great.  I never did all of my grocery shopping here (just coffee, orange juice, specialty ingredients not found at the regular store) because I haven't found my money-tree yet (It's fairly expensive)  If you ever have a chance though, definitely go.  They have classical music playing, serve really good, free coffee (with more than powdered creamer in a cylinder shaker) , have cheap, cute, reusable shopping bags if you're into that... Just go!  

Okay so a new fresh market opened about 8 miles from where we live on July 20th--after we had already shipped our car!  I was sad...until I discovered the bus.  I decided to drag my new friend Emily along since adventures are more fun when not alone. The trip there was uneventful--aside from having to wait 45 mins for the bus.  We spent an hour shopping and drinking the free coffee and orange juice.  We had a really good lunch at a restaurant around the corner. We laughed, I ate 2 salads, and then it started to rain.  

 We noticed the storm clouds building as we were waiting for the bus but I wasn't complaining.  Rain and clouds mean cooler weather right??  I actually said " if it starts to rain, i will run out into the rain and throw my hands up in the air and spin around"   Rains not the right word. It was a downpour.  We left the restaurant and walked under the covered section of the strip mall in hopes of finding the covered bus stop.  Most of the bus stops along the street had been covered.  I figured we would see it, dash  across the street and wait there... But no.  When we spot the bus stop across the street, it is not covered.  There were plenty of benches but no hutch.  I didn't know the exact time the bus was coming so we didn't want to miss the bus and have to wait another hour for the next bus--so we went into the rain.  We huddled under a tree for a bit but the rain drops were bigger under the tree!    

After being completely soaked, it stopped raining about 2 minutes before the bus pulled up!  We could have waited under the strip mall covering and still made the bus--dry.  Better safe than sorry, right??  :)   
I never did spin around in the rain with my hands in the air but it was still a really fun trip!  Thanks for joining me Emily!

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  1. I have never heard of this grocery store, but I LOVE TRADER JOE'S and was SO excited to go there in D.C!

    I also LOVE the bus and took it over 10 times in D.C before I stepped on the Metro! I enjoy the bus in most countries that I have travelled in, with Switzerland being the best (IT'S FREE!!!!!)!!!

    Glad that you had fun!