Friday, July 22, 2011

What has 4 legs and is really expensive?

If you guessed pure bred dog, you are right...however, the real answer is a chair.  If I designed an awesome chair, and it became popular, I would be a millionaire-or at least would make a good bit of money.  

Ed and I decided to that we should buy a new dining table before our move.  We found a table that we both (Lots of emphasis on both, because Ed and I each have a strong opinion :)  loved, and could afford, so we bought it. We had no chairs in mind but figured "how hard can it be to find a chair."  I believe these are probably famous last words of many a dining room table-buyer.  There are so many choices, and many of them are really ugly, but still expensive.  Many are cool but don't quite match the style of the table- and still expensive.  Many are perfect--but really, really expensive. The final combo is cheap, but really wobbly lol. It is very difficult to find the perfect chair. (we would have liked to look at used stores and flea markets but we are running out of time--and don't have a car)

We found our table online at CB2.  We took the bus (again--my second time in less than a week.  I am growing quite fond of the bus:) to Georgetown to see said table in person. Unfortunately, they no longer had the table in-store.  We were disappointed but from what we read online, we chose it anyway. I have never seen a product with over 100 reviews and all positive. (btw, I am obsessed with reading people's product reviews)  So after we discussed chairs in CB2 for over an hour, we ventured to a few other stores in the area.  This is where I found out the true cost of a really good chair.  We were actually told by a salesman at one store that he was putting a piece of glass on 2 sawhorses and putting all of his money into the chairs.  Seriously!  This was a store where a low-ended chair was around $350/chair so I see his point.  After going back to CB2 a 2nd time, and spending ANOTHER hour discussing chairs, we decided to go home, chair-less. 

I did a little searching and ended up finding a chair online that again, BOTH Ed and I loved.

Here are some pictures:
table, from CB2-someone I knew thinks it looks like a card table :)
Chairs, from Industry West.  We ordered them in white.
Industry West's stock room--I think this would be a fun place to work :)
This was the runner-up chair from CB2.  I still think it would be a neat desk chair.  Its art in the form of a chair. 
Hope they make it by August 15th!   The movers are coming to pack that day!


  1. We did the buy a table and then pick chairs thing. It was HARD work!!!!

    Nice choices!

  2. hmm I like the runner up chair. THe white chair looks so industrial and warehousey... It really reminds me of the Keller Sbux' new style of chairs and decor