Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy September!

Guess what?  I did go to the Jefferson Memorial yesterday, but I will write about it later.  Today, I spent the day cleaning our apartment. I finished just in time to move a large pile of stuff over to the hotel that we are staying in for the next week.  I will not say anything about the little 'move' except that it was not pleasant.  Who know 1 hour could be so unpleasant...Scout was freaking out...Ed was freaking out... and maybe I was freaking out a little bit :) But we're settled into our little suite so I suppose I can say that I am happy that we are one step closer to getting to Denmark.  Ed's final day of class is tomorrow and I am really proud of him.  Good Luck to him on his Tuesday test!  I am happy tomorrow is Friday!  Next Friday, we will be on our way to Tennessee!

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