Thursday, September 22, 2011

Water that tastes good

Have you tried this water?   It comes in many varieties but I especially like the peppermint water.
When Marilee was visiting, she decided to attempt her own version of mint water...and we here have been guzzling it by the glassful ever since. (seriously. I do not think I have been this hydrated-ever.)We initially mixed it glass-by-glass, but then Holly made a fortuitous mistake and added a teaspoon to a cup and a half of water.  It was less peppermint and more bengay.  Rather than waste the excessive amount of extract she had used, we put it in a pitcher and added more water.  It was still too strong, but we found that when a small amount was added to a glass and topped with water, it was perfect.  I wish I could tell you exactly how to make it but we have yet to figure out the perfect water-to-extract ratio (and Marilee discovered that not all extracts have the same potency-we use peppermint extract from Central Market here). So,  if you are made of 70% water and like peppermint, try it! Or buy the actual product-- I am sure metromint would appreciate it :)


  1. Love it!! May even put a bottle in my purse for restuarant water!!!!