Monday, September 19, 2011

Week in Review Part 2: Blood and Cowboy's Stadium

On Friday morning, Ed left DFW for Denmark.  He had a sleep-less trip but made it safely to Copenhagen.  While Scout and I are having a good time here at my parent's house, I am looking forward to being together again!  I keep telling myself that it's much easier for Ed to do all the little tasks that he needs to accomplish there without worrying about S & I.  So, as of today, just 24 more days-not including travel!  Maybe I will make a paper chain :)

our first week in DC in February
 Saturday morning, Heather convinced me to join her in blood donation so that we could find out our cholesterol numbers--for free (Dave would be so proud).  Yes, I realize it's a round-about way of finding out ones cholesterol but Heather likes to give blood so I decided I would join her.  I have given blood before but the last time I did, I had a little problem.  Not during but after.  I was working at PacSun at the time and went during my lunch break.  I had juice and cookies--got a tshirt..Everything was great! Then I returned to work and slumped over the cash wrap. I didn't pass out but had a light head and grey-ing vision which ended with me resting on the floor of the stock room. Well, this was years ago so I decided that I was ready for another round.  And I was!  I filled my pouch in less than 10 minutes and again had my juice and granola bars and was feeling great, sitting down.  Heather had issues with her veins so wasn't able to give blood then and was ready to leave.   I told her that I would wait the full recommended 10 minutes before leaving.  At around 8 minutes, I decided to give standing a try. And then it happened again!  I texted Heather and told her I would be a bit longer--she told me to have them wheel me out to the car in a wheelchair. Ha, yeah right.  I stood up and scurried as quickly as possible, vision greying, to the car and threw myself into the passenger seat.  After a nap and lots of water, I am now back to normal and ready to give blood again someday.  I am curious to know how living in Denmark will affect my blood-giving eligibility...anyone know?
Heathbar & I

Heather and I again headed out on Saturday night to see her school's team play at Dallas Cowboys Stadium for a tournament.  While I am not a huge football fan, I had yet to see the new stadium on the inside so decided that I could watch some football in exchange for going inside.  It was quite nice. Now if only I could get into football...

Inside of Dallas Cowboys Stadium

We kept looking for 'pictures' in what the marching band was doing...finally we spotted something identifiable. 

Heather & Lauren- Go Buffs :) 
I did just read Tim Tebow's book and enjoyed it--maybe I am coming around to football...we'll see :)


  1. Exciting times! Are you enjoying this long time before taking off or are you edging to get going at figure out what your new life is going to be like? (I've been reading you blog for a while)

    I did a quick lookup and is the main website. I had a look through the FAQ and came across this section which might take a while to get past :)

    "I'm not so good at speaking Danish - can I become a donor?

    It depends on how good your Danish is. You should be able to speak, understand and read Danish in order to give blood in Denmark. This means that you should be able to lead a normal conversation in Danish, and you should be able to understand the questions you are asked in the blood bank. If you can't do that you may not be a donor."

  2. Hey thanks for the help! I will have to see how my danish is outside of the classroom before I know if I qualify, though I think I can safely assume that I wouldn't know many of the technical words on the questionaire. I am enjoying the chance to be at home with my parents for a bit, but I am really excited to be in Denmark. My husband seems to like it so far!