Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jog (and a lot of walking) around the Tidal Basin

My Wednesday sight-seeing was actually sight-jogging.  I visited DC in the 6th grade, have had multiple visitors  over the past 6 months but I have never been inside the Jefferson Memorial.  It's not the most accessible sight to see in this town if you ask me.  So, rather than walking the mile from the closest metro stop, I decided I would just run from the metro and around the entire Tidal Basin.  It was sunny& warm, but not too hot.  There were not many people out and the lake was calm and pretty.  I will just share a few (or many) pictures...

Floral Library

First of many pictures of this...

This is the back of the Jefferson

A successful 'stranger' picture!  

Thomas up-close

closest I have been to a 'reflecting' pool here since the actual reflection pool is being revamped

Next stop around the lake--the FDR memorial.  Pretty place.

And the final stop around the lake--the brand new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Quote here is quite literal in the design of the memorial as seen in the next picture 

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington DC

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  1. Heidel! You look really thin in your "stranger" pic! Also the Martin Luther memorial is cool! Isn't that the new monument?