Monday, September 19, 2011

Week in Review Part 1: Marilee & the revolver

It has been a busy week!  I've given blood, been to a football game at THE cowboy's stadium, sent my husband off to denmark to begin his next assignment and done a little shopping, shooting, socializing with my dear 'old' aunt Marilee.  (i said that to my mom today and I don't think she was very pleased :)

My dad took me to a shooting range for the first time many years ago.  I remember shooting a 'long' gun  at the junk yard my grandparents owned when I was younger but didn't shoot a handgun until college.  I loved it, and still do, though I don't have the opportunity to go as often as I would like.  On Tuesday, we went with my mom, dad, Marilee, and some of my dad's friends...there were 10 of us total and a lot of new(to me) guns to shoot.  I shot a revolver for the first time as well as a couple other guns that had serious recoil.  I had cramps in my forearms that evening from using muscles that must never get any use!
The revolver and pink ear muffs.  Pink is not my favorite color, but for some things, i love it :)

Mom & Marilee
A lesson in gun safety for M & M
Me & my dad
Throughout the rest of the week, Marilee & I made our 'fancy' grocery store rounds, visited an antique store and a few regular stores. I guess the DFW area doesn't have a lot of exciting sights to see but it does have an endless amount of variety in what you can purchase.  

What was supposed to be  a spontaneous picture while walking around turned into series of pictures as someone (i won't mention who, but she's on the right :) looked at each picture and insisted a new one be taken.  How digital cameras have changed the world...
It was a fun week & weekend with Marilee and my sisters! I am glad you could make it down for one last state-side party, Marilee!!  

Oh, and before I forget, I should mention that a Pinterest recipe actually came off the board and into the kitchen this week!  I love Pinterest and have a slight addiction to it, but it seems like a place to keep a lot of ideas that never actually get done.  But not for the Red Velvet Brownies!  I thought they were really good though my mom thought they were boring.  I would share a picture but the only one I took looks like meat (possibly because I didn't use all the red food coloring that was called for in the recipe-one WHOLE bottle???  that's crazy!)
Okay, here it is anyway.  See? Kinda meat-y.  

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