Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Postcard Love

I love postcards.  I am not sure when my love of them started, but I do remember the first time I went on a trip and sought out postcards to purchase.  I probably remember this distinctly because I still see them from time to time in my stationary drawer.  I went to Alaska with my dad in the 9th grade and bought about 20 postcards ranging from beautiful alaska sights to a bear ripping a wooden porta-potty off the top of a camper (Not sure what I was thinking with that one).  My love of postcards has continued through the years..I try to buy some for a few of my friends on every trip, and I have a few friends that remember me on most trips they go on.  I love it!  When I lived in Oklahoma, I covered the metal electrical box in my apartments with postcards from friends(held up by magnets from my magnet collection)  I recently saw this slightly more adult way of displaying postcards as well. 
 Thanks Young House Love!

Anyway, a few weeks ago (much to my delight), I discovered that another blogger, Michelle from Hot Pink Combat Boots, had a little postcard exchange set up on her blog between herself and whomever wanted to give and get a postcard. Obviously, postcard obsessed me is sending her a postcard from DC.  Once I am settled in Denmark, I may have to start up my own postcard-writing mill...though I may just be writing to the people I already write to now :)

Postcards from my recent DC adventures

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