Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This weekend, my friend and former college roomate Rachael came to visit me for a few days.  Most of my friends from college have drifted into acquaintance-ship but Rachael and a few others have remained for the long-haul...or at least I hope so! The greatest part about spending time with Rachael is that we don't really need to do anything special to have fun & we talk about anything and everything.  Even if we don't agree with each other, we say what we think, agree to disagree and move right along.  We spent time in a tire shop, twice, drove many miles on DFW toll roads, stayed up really late chatting, drinking mint water and watching HGTV, went shopping and even were pulled over....Gee, some things never change ;)  The irony in being pulled over is that minutes before, Rachael declared "wow, all the cars are flying around me...on both sides! I should probably speed up to go with traffic"  and then somehow that led us into a conversation about being pulled over and tips, not involving tears, to avoid tickets...  2 minutes later, blue and red flashing lights appeared behind us.  Thankfully, no ticket was given (probably because of recently discussed tips!) I think Rachael's car was targeted because of it's expired TX registration sticker..with oklahoma plates.  He claimed she was going 20 miles over the speed limit (which she wasn't!  She drove slow all day!!! I can attest to this!)  Anyway...we had a good laugh.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend
Rachaels first time in IKEA...I decided this room would be the dream homeschooling 'classroom'

Amazing Texas Sunset...no editing or color enhancing done

And, a picture taken minutes before Rach left town...which explains the delightful brick building in the background

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