Tuesday, September 13, 2011

S & P

Over the weekend, we traveled from DC to my parents house in the DFW area via Nashville (where we stayed overnight to visit Ed's family).  Traveling with Scout is extremely stressful--for us, not him.  He isn't afraid of riding in the car but becomes overly excited.  He pants, howls, paces from window to window, climbs over the driver's seat(and becomes wedged between the wall and seat-it's a circus I tell ya)...Needless to say, I was happy when we finally pulled into my parent's driveway.  I didn't take my camera out until we were a couple hours outside of Dallas on the 2nd day of driving. (which was the first time I could even relax for a few minutes..we were 2 hours from Keller--there was hope we would make it without throwing a beagle out the window)  Scout was so tired from his first day of mischief that he slept most of the 2nd day's drive, thank goodness. 
He actually slept on my lap which is a scout-miracle.  This never would have happened if he didn't have his sedative-laced treat.  Yep, he gets knocked out for road trips. 

Strange thing is that he fights sleep and never becomes is actually "knocked out". His eyes are droopier than a blood hound....but he keeps 'em open

To Scout's defense, most of our car trips are associated with moving in his mind, so I think he is worried about being left behind. He wants to keep and eye, or chin, on both of us. 

A beautiful Texas sunset.  Even Ed agrees with this statement.

Scout and Panzer, together again.

They are spoiled babies.  Panzer is jealous and Scout is selfish.  
Scout, howling at panzer over the tennis ball.

sort of friends 
 alpha dog in the chair?
my first pet ever, Charcoal.  She's an old lady now..

The Lion and the Lamb, sleeping next to each other.
You can make your own judgement as to who is the Lion and who is the Lamb.... :)

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