Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last post from DC

Today's the final day at our lovely sweet suite (as I've been calling it to myself).  It's neither lovely nor sweet but does the job.  I am finished sight-seeing for now and I did not finish my "list".  Its been raining all week thanks to tropical storm Lee which really put a damper on going out. I did visit Georgetown Cupcakes one last time on Tuesday for old-times sake :)  That place gets better every time I go- the frosting was still delicious and the cupcakes were both moist.  Only bad thing...I had the worst stomach ache (i accidentally typed stomache for stomach ache--that still makes sense though right?? they have nearly the same ending)   Here are our pictures from the past week:

Out in the rain.  This park is called "Dark Star Park."  Unusual.

A celebratory meal...I learned to open a hardshell crab and thought the yellow-green stuff inside
was butter with herbs.....I was just a bit off the mark with this assumption :)

On Tuesday, I did my last day of sightseeing.
I went to the Freer & Sackler Galleries & National Gallery of Art.
(this was another stranger-taken pic at sculpture garden)

Inside NG of Art.

When I left, it was no longer just sprinkling but pouring rain. I did a bit of running, jumping and splashing over and through these puddles to get to the metro.  I was soaked by the end but loved being out on the mall nearly alone. 

Scout & I walk to the park around Iwo Jima to see the DC skyline...

....but yesterday it was too foggy to see even the capitol so we looked at the flowers instead.
Side story to this park: Today on our morning walk, someone, someone important with a black entourage of cars and about 8 Secret Service agents pulled into the park in front of us and got out of their cars to see Iwo Jima.  Being the 'cool' local pedestrian that I am, I didn't want to stare so I never did see who was there. I had to chuckle to myself when rather than just getting in the car to leave, this important person used the porta-potty before hitting the road. The funny part was not that he was using a porta-potty but that all the secret service agents surrounded the porta-potty while in use.    Aww, the downside of being a public figure. 

I loved these.

  I like to take awkward-looking pictures of scout...
his nose looks huge and this wasn't even the worst of  them. 

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